How Roofing Could Save the World

How far do you live from the nearest farm? If you are like the millions of other Americans who have taken residence in the urban areas of the country, you may not even know the answer to that question. However, there are millions of acres of under-utilized farming space, according to the experts. Much of this area is not beneath the soles of one’s boots in the cournty, but rather far overhead at the nearest city block.

With Global Warming concerns growing ever-more real in the minds of millions of Americans, there is little wonder why scientists, researchers, meteorologists and engineers are always looking for new ways to reduce the negative impact humans make on the earth and its atmosphere. Among those methods of cleaning up the air around us is through the introduction of new plant life.

A large number of the commercial use properties and large apartment buildings, throughout the country, feature flat, rubber membrane roofs. While this type of roofing system has been used for many years and has proven very successful at preventing leaks, the potential of it has not been fully recognized.

Today, there are a couple of ways that the owners of such buildings can improve their carbon footprints. But, in order to do so, one must understand a few things about the Earth and human impact. Global warming is due to the amount of carbon emissions released into the air around us and trapped there as heat. The sun’s heat can also be trapped within Earth’s atmosphere. Over time this trapped heat impacts the climate. There are other ways to slow Global Warming, however. Of course, that includes reducing the amount of fossil fuel burned by homes, cars, and businesses, but there are other methods as well. One of those ways is to reduce the amount of the sun’s heat that is absorbed.

Even the best roofers in Dallas generally lay black rubber membrane roofing on flat top buildings. Black is actually the mixture of all colors and therefore absorbs all colors of light. White on the other hand is not actually a color, but rather the lack of all colors. It therefore reflects all light colors. It would make since, therefore, if we wish to reduce the heat absorbed from the sun’s rays to reduce the amount of black surface space in the world. One of the greatest ways to do so is to paint the flat rooftops across the nation white.

In addition, this would reduce the phenomenon known as ‘urban heating’ or ‘heat islands’. This explains why urban areas are traditionally a few- or even several degrees warmer on any given day, as compared to nearby rural areas. The white rooftops would help do away with that concern and a good roofing company will be willing to help.

To further enhance flat rooftops and make them increasingly eco-friendly, experts encourage rooftop gardening. Before it can be done, the structure of the roof must be assessed to ensure the roof can maintain the added weight. If it is not capable now, roof repair can get it to that point. Once given the okay, with the right materials, gardens can prosper and produce large amounts of food in the middle of a city. Not only will it decrease the need of food transportation, but it will also provide plant life capable of cleaning the air via photosynthesis.

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How Can Replacement Windows Improve Home Value

If you are considering making the financial investment for window replacement in your home, then you will likely be interested in knowing how those windows will repay you. Fortunately, unlike other purchases in life, the investment really can pay off.

Improved Home Value In a struggling housing market, there are a few big ticket items that buyers want to see in homes for sale. This can include updated kitchen appliances, a new roof, a sturdy foundation, an energy efficient heating and cooling system, and attractive plumbing fixtures. It also includes new windows. Their absence becomes an immediate point of negotiation, which can mean lost dollars for the seller or the loss of the sale all together. There are a number of reasons why new windows are on that list.

    • Older windows tend to be drafted. Crafted with a single pane and inferior materials, older windows do not help reduce the heat transfer between in- and outdoors. As they wear, windows can begin to let air move freely at the seams, which also means drafts. All that lost heat (in the winter) or cool air (in the summer) means that systems have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature and energy bills climb.


    • New windows, very simply, look better. They are clean, crisp, and attractive. They provide easy light into the room without the dings and dents in the framing that is commonly seen with older, aluminum windows.


    • Newer windows are easier to clean due to tilt and swivel features, tend to open and close much more smoothly and are even, often, treated with a reflective coating to keep UV rays out of the home.


Given all of these factors, it is not difficult to understand why buys appreciate seeing them in the prospective home. Just by having them present, the perceived value of the home increases and the likelihood of attempted negotiations is reduced. You can be sure to highlight the new windows, referring to the fact that the investment was just made, which also makes you appear the very concerned and very dedicated home owner. Buyers recognize this as a good trait in a former owner, as it is more likely that the systems within the house received the same sort of care.

Make You Money in Other Ways It’s not just through improved home value that new window installation can help your wallet. You will also enjoy the many benefits that potential buyers recognize in the renovation. Heating and cooling bills are likely to decrease and UV rays will be kept at bay, which means that curtains and home furnishings will fade more slowly. There is no need to worry about scraping tools, paint brushes, and cans of paint, as you might have to do with older wooden windows. Today’s vinyl options are nearly maintenance free and can last for decades.

For more information on how your home value will climb with the addition of double or triple paned windows, consult a contractor near you.

What is Rolled Roofing? Austin Texas Roofing Information

If you are looking for a very affordable and easily installed form of roofing for an out building or garage, then you should know about rolled roofing. This roofing, which is thinner than the more traditionally used shingles, is, as its name suggests, rolled out in long strips. The material is very similar to asphalt shingles, without the headache of laying each individual tile. The rolls of roofing material have long been seen in the industry, but were slightly different than this newer product. Lacking the added coating, the older rolls were (and still are) used as underlayment by roofing contractors, which was a base for shingles, adding an extra layer of protection for the wooden deck below.

About Rolled Roofing: The rolled roofing typically comes in thirty-six foot lengths and is three feet in width. It is, of course, much more resilient than the underlayment version. This is due to a special coating applied to the material, which is the reason for the product also being referred to as ‘mineral-surfaced roll roof’. One may wonder why more haven’t embraced rolled roofs, but, though much less expensive than asphalt shingles, this type of roofing does have its own set of unique disadvantages.

The Downsides of Rolled Roofing: First and foremost, rolled roofing is not idea for all roof types. It is marketed as a solution for low-slope roofs with two inches of rise or less for each twelve foot run. Of course, that is not to say that it cannot be used on slightly steeper slopes, but being more visible on these surfaces, its lack of eye-appeal comes into question. For this reason, this type of roofing is rarely put to use on residential housing, unless the roof is near flat and difficult to see from ground level. Considered a less attractive material, it can, otherwise, reduce the value of a property, as well as limiting the color options that one would enjoy with other types of roofing. It should also be noted that rolled roofing does not carry the same warranty as asphalt shingles and other Georgetown, TX, roofing. While one can get a guarantee that extends over as many as twenty or thirty years, rolled roofing has a shorter lifespan of five to eight years.

Making Rolled Roofing Work For You: On garages, work sheds, and other out buildings, it is a more than acceptable form of protection and is, in fact, thought to be the best solution on low-inclines in Round Rock, Texas,as it is both excellent at shedding water and good for the wallet. In areas and seasons when time is a major concern, it is good to know that rolled roofing can be laid very, very quickly providing the much needed water barrier.

If you have further questions or concerns about rolled roofing; if you are wondering if it is the best choice for your property, then consult your local roofing contractor for more information. It may be possible to finish your new project for far less money and in a much shorter time than you had first thought.

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Improve Your Smile by Leaps and Bounds

Improve Your Smile by Leaps and Bounds

Everyone wants to have the perfect smile. The great thing is that these days, it’s easier than ever to get it! In fact, the world of dentistry has developed so many new and innovative ways to improve people’s smiles, you may not know where to start! There are many ways to find out about the various methods used to make smiles brighter, straighter, and more beautiful than before, but the easiest way of all is to simply visit your Austin dental office and talk to your family dentist.

Dentists have been given the tools and technology to improve our smiles ten times over. In the past, such advances have not been possible, but with people constantly working on new ideas, dentists have methods available that allow us to feel more confident about our appearance than ever. We know what a great smile says to people we meet. Having that desirable smile can give us the extra boost we need to go the distance when perhaps we wouldn’t have before, from introducing oneself to a stranger to single-handedly delivering a presentation in front of board members.

One of the many methods available to dentists is the new invisalign technology. Invisalign takes away the necessity of visible metal braces and instead replaces them with a clear mold that fits right over your teeth. Dentists make many different molds that, over time, slowly shift your teeth into alignment. They’re great because they’re clear and allow you to feel more confident about going out and speaking to people without the worry of braces being in your way. More and more dentists and people are realizing the benefits of invisalign, and before you know it, your smile will be perfectly straight!

You can also look into composite resin bonding as a way to give your smile a little pick-me-up. If your teeth are already in great shape, then this type of tooth improvement may be all you need. It’s simple and easy and just fixes what you need fixed. This type of method gives you the chance to fix that tiny chip in your tooth, adjust the slight discoloration in a tooth, or help arrest minor decay. Even better, it’s not quite as invasive as laser gum surgery and just like dental inlay restoration lasts for a long time and looks amazing. This is the sort of technology that everyone loves because you can’t tell the difference between the resin and your own teeth!

Dentists have all sorts of great methods at their fingertips, from quick cleanings to veneer Austin appointments. Never be concerned about your appearance if you think your dentist can help. All it takes is a simple question, and soon you will discover all the different ways your dentist can help you. Visit your Austin family dentist office or call and see what can be done. You may discover that all you need is a simple teeth whitening. Austin, Texas is a great place to live, which is why you should enjoy life to its fullest. Let your dentist help you so that you can feel proud of your teeth, your appearance, and everything you have to offer.

About the Author: Bobby Milton has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and writes and lectures on many different dental topics

Tips to Get Perfect Bridal Makeup on Your Wedding

Your Wedding day is that one special day when every bride wants to look at her best. Without make up however, she can never look beautiful in her eyes. Each wedding is different from one another, and moreover, the theme, taste, and style varies from one bride to another. It does not necessarily mean stunning red lips with soft or neutral lids. However, often, the themes may appear common, as the inspirations are common in most of the weddings. Bridal makeup encompasses a wide range of looks that differs according to themes. Here are a few tips on how you can look gorgeous on that special day. Start by calling your downtown salon. Be sure and ask your makeup person about a Austin TX Facial Peel, tanning in Austin and the best waxing procedures.

Before you start applying the makeup, make sure your skin is cleansed and pores are closed to ensure a smooth look. After that, you can put on make up. You may want to consider having a lumi lift before applying wedding makeup Austin TX.

• To look gorgeous under artificial lights your makeup should be in bright contrasting shades for highlighting and creating shades according to your facial contours.

• As there should be many camera shots matte foundation will be ideal to give full coverage.

• To give a natural texture to your skin cosmetic sponges should be used, as it is very helpful in spreading the foundation all over the face.

• Foundation is the base that prepares the canvas to apply other makeup elements. Therefore, finishing is the most important issue in bridal makeup.

• To get an even look you need to apply the foundation all over the face, eyelids, lips, neck and ears. You need to apply foundation on your hands also, as that will come into your photos and without makeup, they will appear in different tones from your face.

• To conceal wrinkles you can use foundations according to your skin tone. It should be applied in outward circular movements and excess foundation should be wiped off in order to get a smooth finish.

• Under eye dark circles and spots should also be removed with the skillful application of foundation.

• Strike a balance in your eyes and lips. In a wedding, lips should be properly highlighted. If you like to have dark lips then go for subtler eye, and if you like nude lips, then you should opt for dramatic eyes.

• Lip liners are a necessity as they frame your lip lines to make it more lustrous. Match it with lip colors.

• Treat your hair carefully with goldwell haircare products in Austin TX before starting with the makeup as a nice hairdo completes the whole bridal look. Deep conditioned hair can be easily manageable. Styling products like a quick fix hairspray is a must have. Consider attending makeup classes in Austin TX before your big day.

However, the bottom line of a bridal makeup is how much YOU are comfortable in that look. If you cannot carry red lips then go for pink. Your taste and style is very important in choosing the perfect makeup and a professional makeup artist is the best person to help you. At Jose Luis Salon you will get that perfect guide who will understand your style and do your makeup accordingly. Ask them about goldwell hair color.

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field

Importance of routine eye care in children

Most parents are diligent in taking their children to the pediatrician for their annual check-ups. One of the big worries in parenting is the health of your child and you want to do everything that you can to make sure they are healthy and on track to be the healthiest adult possible. Some parents forget that routine eye care for their children is very important. A lasik surgery consultation may need to be performed if your children have vision problems.

The testing of children’s eyesight is performed at school. If your child comes home with a note from his school that he needs to see an eye doctor to follow up to his test, you must take this seriously. The longer you wait to take your kid to the doctor, the longer he will likely struggle to see, which can affect his ability to read and learn. This is not something to put off to another day. You may have to see a macular degeneration specialist depending on the diagnosis.

There are some schools, however, that do not have the funding for such programs and all responsibility for eye check-ups will fall to the parents. What this means is that you will need to take your children for annual check-ups at an eye care facility in order to make sure that their eyesight is good. Having regular check-ups will detect any need for glaucoma treatment. You need to be aware of cataracts as you get older.

You may not think kids require glasses until they are nine or ten, but many kids need glasses at a younger age. This can be true if one or both of their parents has nearsightedness, as it can be an inherited condition. If you see your child struggling to read signs they may need glasses. Some people may need lasik surgery. Older people may need lens implants later in life.

Taking your child to an eye doctor is a good idea because it can help to establish a baseline of eye health. The doctor will be able to notice any deterioration in eye health. A child’s eye is growing and changing at a rapid rate and once healthy eyes can become weaker over time. That is why routine care is important. Remember that as age continues vision changes. Corneal transplant surgery is necessary for some of the elderly in our society.

Going to an eye doctor can be just as intimidating to a child as going in for shots or to the dentist, especially if they have not done so before. Take some time before the appointment to explain to your child what will happen. Tell them about the importance of the visit.

About the Author: Mark Masters has authored may pieces on the eye care & surgery industry and enjoys keeping his readers up to date in this field

Austin Plays

Austin is a city blessed with several fantastic live venues for theatre. The holiday season is frequently a time when plays, musicals, ballet and other productions are touring and this year is no exception.

The Austin Rockin’ Christmas Party has become a yearly tradition in this city, and for good reason. This year’s party is being held at Zach’s Kleberg Stage, 1421 W. Riverside. Tickets are $42 and shows run through till Christmas day. This is the ultimate way to bring in the holiday season. This soul, rock and jazz show is sure to get you up out of your seat. No other show in Austin can touch the Rockin’ Christmas Party, so don’t miss it.

The holiday spirit will be alive and well long after St. Nick has started his vacation thanks to The Santaland Diaries. This hilarious play tells the story of an elf who doesn’t quite believe in the magic of the holiday season. The show is at Zachary Scott Theatre through January 10. Tickets are $39. Enjoy this subversive and fun look at the holiday season. Nothing beats a night at the theatre and this might just be the best show in town.

The first Tuesday of every month is another chance to enjoy The Dionysium. This event takes place at 7 and combines live theatre, conferences and more. This is a night for the intellectual in you, so be prepared to learn, to think and to have a wonderful time. Every month features new topics and new debates sure to make you think. Have a truly adult night out with friends and family during the first Tuesday of every month at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – 1120 South Lamar in Austin.

Come see the legendary Color Purple at Bass Concert Hall in Austin. This touring production will be in town from January 12-17. There is one show per day except for Saturday and Sunday where there are two shows. Come see one of the most powerful stories ever told.

The greater Austin area plays host to some amazing productions over the next few months, so don’t miss out.

Austin Politics

Austin Politics

Austin has always been a city ruled and defined by politics. Even in non-election years, politics plays a central role in what makes the capital city of Texas special. Currently, we are on the verge of a mid-term election year and the battle for governor is already heating up. At the center we have a secessionist governor in Rick Perry who will be fighting off challenges from all sides, including ones in his own party. While it is unlikely that he’ll face a primary, Perry has wildly oscillating approval ratings so it is impossible to tell if he is headed for re-election or defeat, but one thing is certain, Texas politics, and especially Austin politics, are never boring.

The city of Austin will also be choosing a mayor come November. Lee Leffingwell is the current mayor and he is sure to face stiff competition from a Republican. Austin is one of the few cities in Texas that is more left-leaning than right leaning. It has always given Austin a different feel from any other spot in the state. The current mayor is fairly popular so signs are pointing to a successful reelection but a lot can happen between now and election day.

Probably the big question around Austin right now is what kind of dent the Republicans can make in Washington D.C. come mid-term election time. There is also a lot of talk in Austin about the emergence of a Tea Party that could split the Republican brand like never before. If that happens, you may see the Democrats pick up seats in DC instead of losing seats, which is the common pattern during mid-term elections. No matter what happens, you can rest assured that things won’t be boring in Texas or in Austin in the build up to this year’s election.

If you need to get your political fix between now and then, there are frequently guest speakers that give speeches and talks at the university for free or for a small fee. These events are almost always open to the public and occur on an almost weekly basis. These speeches are just one of the many reasons why it pays to live in a great college town like Austin.