Tips to Get Perfect Bridal Makeup on Your Wedding

Your Wedding day is that one special day when every bride wants to look at her best. Without make up however, she can never look beautiful in her eyes. Each wedding is different from one another, and moreover, the theme, taste, and style varies from one bride to another. It does not necessarily mean stunning red lips with soft or neutral lids. However, often, the themes may appear common, as the inspirations are common in most of the weddings. Bridal makeup encompasses a wide range of looks that differs according to themes. Here are a few tips on how you can look gorgeous on that special day. Start by calling your downtown salon. Be sure and ask your makeup person about a Austin TX Facial Peel, tanning in Austin and the best waxing procedures.

Before you start applying the makeup, make sure your skin is cleansed and pores are closed to ensure a smooth look. After that, you can put on make up. You may want to consider having a lumi lift before applying wedding makeup Austin TX.

• To look gorgeous under artificial lights your makeup should be in bright contrasting shades for highlighting and creating shades according to your facial contours.

• As there should be many camera shots matte foundation will be ideal to give full coverage.

• To give a natural texture to your skin cosmetic sponges should be used, as it is very helpful in spreading the foundation all over the face.

• Foundation is the base that prepares the canvas to apply other makeup elements. Therefore, finishing is the most important issue in bridal makeup.

• To get an even look you need to apply the foundation all over the face, eyelids, lips, neck and ears. You need to apply foundation on your hands also, as that will come into your photos and without makeup, they will appear in different tones from your face.

• To conceal wrinkles you can use foundations according to your skin tone. It should be applied in outward circular movements and excess foundation should be wiped off in order to get a smooth finish.

• Under eye dark circles and spots should also be removed with the skillful application of foundation.

• Strike a balance in your eyes and lips. In a wedding, lips should be properly highlighted. If you like to have dark lips then go for subtler eye, and if you like nude lips, then you should opt for dramatic eyes.

• Lip liners are a necessity as they frame your lip lines to make it more lustrous. Match it with lip colors.

• Treat your hair carefully with goldwell haircare products in Austin TX before starting with the makeup as a nice hairdo completes the whole bridal look. Deep conditioned hair can be easily manageable. Styling products like a quick fix hairspray is a must have. Consider attending makeup classes in Austin TX before your big day.

However, the bottom line of a bridal makeup is how much YOU are comfortable in that look. If you cannot carry red lips then go for pink. Your taste and style is very important in choosing the perfect makeup and a professional makeup artist is the best person to help you. At Jose Luis Salon you will get that perfect guide who will understand your style and do your makeup accordingly. Ask them about goldwell hair color.

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field