Austin Plays

Austin is a city blessed with several fantastic live venues for theatre. The holiday season is frequently a time when plays, musicals, ballet and other productions are touring and this year is no exception.

The Austin Rockin’ Christmas Party has become a yearly tradition in this city, and for good reason. This year’s party is being held at Zach’s Kleberg Stage, 1421 W. Riverside. Tickets are $42 and shows run through till Christmas day. This is the ultimate way to bring in the holiday season. This soul, rock and jazz show is sure to get you up out of your seat. No other show in Austin can touch the Rockin’ Christmas Party, so don’t miss it.

The holiday spirit will be alive and well long after St. Nick has started his vacation thanks to The Santaland Diaries. This hilarious play tells the story of an elf who doesn’t quite believe in the magic of the holiday season. The show is at Zachary Scott Theatre through January 10. Tickets are $39. Enjoy this subversive and fun look at the holiday season. Nothing beats a night at the theatre and this might just be the best show in town.

The first Tuesday of every month is another chance to enjoy The Dionysium. This event takes place at 7 and combines live theatre, conferences and more. This is a night for the intellectual in you, so be prepared to learn, to think and to have a wonderful time. Every month features new topics and new debates sure to make you think. Have a truly adult night out with friends and family during the first Tuesday of every month at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – 1120 South Lamar in Austin.

Come see the legendary Color Purple at Bass Concert Hall in Austin. This touring production will be in town from January 12-17. There is one show per day except for Saturday and Sunday where there are two shows. Come see one of the most powerful stories ever told.

The greater Austin area plays host to some amazing productions over the next few months, so don’t miss out.

Austin Politics

Austin Politics

Austin has always been a city ruled and defined by politics. Even in non-election years, politics plays a central role in what makes the capital city of Texas special. Currently, we are on the verge of a mid-term election year and the battle for governor is already heating up. At the center we have a secessionist governor in Rick Perry who will be fighting off challenges from all sides, including ones in his own party. While it is unlikely that he’ll face a primary, Perry has wildly oscillating approval ratings so it is impossible to tell if he is headed for re-election or defeat, but one thing is certain, Texas politics, and especially Austin politics, are never boring.

The city of Austin will also be choosing a mayor come November. Lee Leffingwell is the current mayor and he is sure to face stiff competition from a Republican. Austin is one of the few cities in Texas that is more left-leaning than right leaning. It has always given Austin a different feel from any other spot in the state. The current mayor is fairly popular so signs are pointing to a successful reelection but a lot can happen between now and election day.

Probably the big question around Austin right now is what kind of dent the Republicans can make in Washington D.C. come mid-term election time. There is also a lot of talk in Austin about the emergence of a Tea Party that could split the Republican brand like never before. If that happens, you may see the Democrats pick up seats in DC instead of losing seats, which is the common pattern during mid-term elections. No matter what happens, you can rest assured that things won’t be boring in Texas or in Austin in the build up to this year’s election.

If you need to get your political fix between now and then, there are frequently guest speakers that give speeches and talks at the university for free or for a small fee. These events are almost always open to the public and occur on an almost weekly basis. These speeches are just one of the many reasons why it pays to live in a great college town like Austin.