How Roofing Could Save the World

How far do you live from the nearest farm? If you are like the millions of other Americans who have taken residence in the urban areas of the country, you may not even know the answer to that question. However, there are millions of acres of under-utilized farming space, according to the experts. Much of this area is not beneath the soles of one’s boots in the cournty, but rather far overhead at the nearest city block.

With Global Warming concerns growing ever-more real in the minds of millions of Americans, there is little wonder why scientists, researchers, meteorologists and engineers are always looking for new ways to reduce the negative impact humans make on the earth and its atmosphere. Among those methods of cleaning up the air around us is through the introduction of new plant life.

A large number of the commercial use properties and large apartment buildings, throughout the country, feature flat, rubber membrane roofs. While this type of roofing system has been used for many years and has proven very successful at preventing leaks, the potential of it has not been fully recognized.

Today, there are a couple of ways that the owners of such buildings can improve their carbon footprints. But, in order to do so, one must understand a few things about the Earth and human impact. Global warming is due to the amount of carbon emissions released into the air around us and trapped there as heat. The sun’s heat can also be trapped within Earth’s atmosphere. Over time this trapped heat impacts the climate. There are other ways to slow Global Warming, however. Of course, that includes reducing the amount of fossil fuel burned by homes, cars, and businesses, but there are other methods as well. One of those ways is to reduce the amount of the sun’s heat that is absorbed.

Even the best roofers in Dallas generally lay black rubber membrane roofing on flat top buildings. Black is actually the mixture of all colors and therefore absorbs all colors of light. White on the other hand is not actually a color, but rather the lack of all colors. It therefore reflects all light colors. It would make since, therefore, if we wish to reduce the heat absorbed from the sun’s rays to reduce the amount of black surface space in the world. One of the greatest ways to do so is to paint the flat rooftops across the nation white.

In addition, this would reduce the phenomenon known as ‘urban heating’ or ‘heat islands’. This explains why urban areas are traditionally a few- or even several degrees warmer on any given day, as compared to nearby rural areas. The white rooftops would help do away with that concern and a good roofing company will be willing to help.

To further enhance flat rooftops and make them increasingly eco-friendly, experts encourage rooftop gardening. Before it can be done, the structure of the roof must be assessed to ensure the roof can maintain the added weight. If it is not capable now, roof repair can get it to that point. Once given the okay, with the right materials, gardens can prosper and produce large amounts of food in the middle of a city. Not only will it decrease the need of food transportation, but it will also provide plant life capable of cleaning the air via photosynthesis.

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